BeRobot Features

Though BeRobot is very small as world's smallest humanoid by Guinness World Records, but its embedded robotic development platform enables it lots of incredible function and education materials.
•BeRobot Software:
 Friendly Game-like Software (Graphic User Interface) for beginner, to easily learn and program robotic motion by your imagination.
 Advanced version provide SDK and sample source codes for engineer to design advanced projects in VB, VC++, VC#.
 Bluetooth version provide Android APP to control BeRobot without computer.
•BeRobot Hardware:
 Embedded with battery power saving technology to save much Power consummation.
 Provide IRDA、UART/USB、8 GPIO interface (support Arduino sensor modules)
 Fancy small Remote controller is easily to be programmed/defined its function.
 Many optional Hardware extension modules (sensors, controller) for upgrading functions.
•BeRobot Servo Motor:
 High performance, High precision, dual bearing Servo Motor with IC protection technology to prevent Servo IC from crash or burn down.
 Embedded with almost zero backlash gear sets and 500k times of life cycles.
•BeRobot Mechanism:
 BeRobot can be reconstructed as hundreds of types, such as dog, dinosaur, scorpion, crab, humanoid…
 Small and cute, safety to use for young students. Easy to carry, easy to program robot at small table. Does not need to occupy much space.
 Rotatable waist design made its performance more stylish.
 Easy to replace any damaged parts and save maintenance costs.
• Innovative Robotic Education:
 Includes 3D DIY animation, Steps by steps User Manual (for Assembly/Programming)
 Experiments for learning Mechanism design, Mechatronic design, Electronic design, Automatic Control, Sensors Interactive, Motion Balance
 Mini Robot Competition every year in Taiwan.
• Made in Taiwan with best quality and ROHS compliant.
• It is a robotic learning tool for engineers of all ages and all abilities, from students to researchers and experienced hobbyists. It enables everyone to learn mechanics, electronics, robotic sensor control and robotic motions programming.
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GeStream considers the safety in playing, we have "NT$12million assurance" in Zurich Insurance(Taiwan) Ltd. Now!You can play it more fun and more happy in the innovative learning world of BeRobot.

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BeRobot educational course curriculum

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BeRobot is World's smallest humanoid robot. Robot Platform/Education/Servo Motor/Controller/Sensor/Module/Program/DIY/Toy
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