‧GeStream’s BeRobot sets Guiness World Record with World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot
‧BeRobot Press
BeRobot Demo  2009/04/22
‧BeRobot show up in CTV Mar, 2009  China Television
‧BeRobot demo in TVBS News 20090327
‧BeRobot Show in  TTV 2009 0327
‧Be Robot show in CTS News  20080830
‧FTV News 2007 Robot show in Kaohsiung
‧BeRobot show up in Aug, 2008
‧Mini BeRobot Generation three stands at 9cm tall dances for the sorry sorry song
BeRobot KongFu
Sorry Sorry
BeRobot drill a new KongFu
EraNews 200903261949
GTV 200903271214
BeRobot dancer
Michael Jackson Ending
Michael Jackson command it
‧Michael Jackson BeRobot Preview
It's very well made in taiwan
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BeRobot is World's smallest humanoid robot. Robot Platform/Education/Servo Motor/Controller/Sensor/Module/Program/DIY/Toy
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